Change happens when people share ideas and talk to each other, when people build a team, and most of all when encouragement and support leads people to do amazing things...


Hangouts are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together. Hangouts are as unique as the individuals who start them, but they all share a common bond: the power of peer support.


Find your tribe below, or start your own Hangout. Share and learn from each other. Build a team to start something that matters...

How Hangouts Work

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Peer Support


Research shows that we are more confident and are able to learn and accomplish more in small groups and with the support of others.


It Starts With You


While we can’t guarantee you’ll achieve your wildest dream, we can promise that joining a Hangout will give you the support to go for it!




We provide everything you need to run a successful Circle:

  • Step-by-step meeting guides and activities

  • Expert videos on important topics and skills

  • A system for connecting with other Hangouts

  • Materials to promote your Hangout—including a logo!

Your Hangout, Your Way


A Hangout can be a monthly catch-up a Univeristy, aroundtable at your home with like friends, a lunch series at school or work, or even a virtual meet-up with people from around the world. The important thing is that you get together regularly—and that everyone participates.