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You cannot solve a problem if you do not first understand it…

Social business is about creatively solving the worlds problems in a sustainable manner. The sustainable way we do it, is through doing business. Good: Business.


But the single most important factor in social business is understanding the issue you are wanting to address.

It's about understanding what you are trying to do, and why you are trying to do it.


This section will help you understand social business, and outline some of the most prominent social issues in the world, and also educate you on your own human rights to allow you to start to understand the problems the world faces and how you can help fix them.


This section is divided into 2 parts:


Part 1: Learn what a social business is, why it is different, and why it works! Hear the stories and lives being changed by creating businesses that do good work.


Part 2: Be inspired and learn more about the issues you can help solve. From basic human rights, to the UN Sustainable Development Goals... Find out where the world needs your help.

what is social business?

A social business is a business that exists and operates for the purpose of creating social good.

It’s about solving some of society’s most pressing issues by using business methods and principles to develop sustainable impact that...


Social business is how you can make a difference, and make a living.


how is social business different to a normal business?

Commercial businesses exist to make profits for owners and/or shareholders.

Social enterprises exist to meet a social purpose.

Social enterprises reinvest their profits into their social purpose, enabling them to sustain and increase their positive impact by simply doing business. Social good is not what they do on the side, it is the very reason they do business.



how is social business different to a NGO or charity?

Social business is not a charity, a Foundation or a Non-Government Organisation.

A successful social enterprise is one thing: a good business.



does social business work?

Absolutely. Social business is effective, it is sustainable and it is profitable.

According to B Lab, a non-profit organization that certifies these purpose-driven companies, today social businesses represent some $40 billion in revenue. All made alongside making a real difference in the world.

Now that’s GOOD: BUSINESS.

It’s about mobilising change in a way that every person involved comes out ahead.


But instead of taking my word for it, check out these examples of social businesses that are solving real social problems, making a real impact, and also making real money!

social business

Hydros Bottles

the win-win-win model

Jay Parekh and  Aakash Mathur founded Hydros Bottles after Jay's work with rural water projects. At around 4AM one morning, Jay’s volunteer experience and Aakash’s social enterprise knowledge formed the idea to sell a self-filtering water bottle. This bottle would not only be sustainable but also raise money for global water projects. The Hydros Bottle has now developed into a win-win-win business situation: the buyer saves money from avoiding overpriced bottled water, the waste caused by empty plastic water bottles decreases, and clean water reaches the Cameroonian village of Gundom, all while Hydros Bottles makes a profit.

Revolution Foods

the $50M social business changing lives

Kristin Groos Richmond & Kirsten Saenz Tobey both had plenty of experience in business and nonprofits prior to founding Revolution Foods in 2005. The for-profit organization drew not only from the business school classmates’ entrepreneur know-how, Tobey’s work evaluating school feeding programs in Ghana. Revolution Foods aims to get kids healthy by offering schools and individuals the chance to purchase nutritious meals and health education. Today, Revolution Foods Inc. has dished up over 33 million healthy meals – and

made $50 million in revenue, reaching number 2 on the list of fastest growing inner city businesses.