We are redefining the way business is done to empower people and change the world...



What is Social Business?

Social entrepreneurship is the process of using business methods to solve social problems.

That means there is no need for charity or foundations controlled by donations. It means that change can be sustainable and ingrained in they way we do business every single day.


Social businessness is not about making money, then maybe doing some good with it... It is about solving some of societies most pressing issues and making money is a by-product.


By developing social businesses that have a positive impact on society, young people can guarentee benefits for themselves and the World.


Entrepreneur AND world changer... sounds pretty cool huh!?

There are lots of different resources and tools out there to teach you to be an entrepreneur. But we collected the best methods in the world and have brought them together to create our own Social Start-up Model so you can make a difference, and make money.


Social Start-Up Model





You cannot solve a problem if you do not first understand it.


Be inspired and learn more about the issues you can help solve. From basic human rights, to the UN Development goals... Find out where the world needs your help.


We provide you with the tools of Design Thinking and Human Centered Design to teach you how to understand the issues in the world and what questions you should be asking yourself and those around you as you develop your social business ...



Validate your idea


Once you have an idea to start a business and help people, it's time to validate it to see if it is needed, if it is feasible, and if it is financially viable.


We focus on the process of Human Centered Design that has created ideas such as the HeartStart Defibrillator, CleanWell natural antibacterial products, and the Blood Donor System for the Red Cross - innovations that have enhanced the lives of millions of people...

Good business is the result of good planning


Every business needs a plan, especially the ones that are going to change the World!.


We will show you the revolutionary Business Model Canvas, a simple 1-page business planner which helps you answer all the key business questions: What is your purpose? Who are your customers? How will you spread your message? Who do you need to help you? What do you need to make your business happen?...



Just do it!


In the end it isn't about having a great idea... it's about taking initiative and making things happen.


Ultimately business is about: Making it. Selling it. And looking after the money.

Using LEAN Start-up Methods we have all the resources you need to start your business simply so that you can efficiently evaluate and grow your impact, and revenue.

We also have key resources on marketing and finance to help you run a business that matters.